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Did you know that the Kratom vein colors change as the Kratom leaf grows mature? These Kratom vein colors can only be identified by examining the veins of the Kratom leaves, and in the growing phase, these veins can adopt Green, White, and Red colors.

Each one of these Kratom vein colors has separate properties due to differences in alkaloid concentrations within the colors. The Green Kratom vein color is the first the Kratom leaves adopt, and it is known to have the lowest number of alkaloids. However, that in no way suggests that these Green Kratom varieties are inferior in quality as many Kratom enthusiasts specifically search for these low alkaloid concentrations.

The White Kratom vein color follows the Green Kratom color. These White Kratom leaves are considered the middle child of the Kratom family. They possess a balanced concentration of alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, and this makes them a favorite of many who search for top quality Kratom for sale!

The final color that the veins of the leaves develop is the Red Kratom vein color. Known as one of the most demanded Kratom vein colors, the Red Vein Kratom variety has the highest alkaloid concentration amongst Kratom colors. This makes it a favorite of many Kratom connoisseurs, and the Red Vein Kratom capsules and Kratom powders are some of our most popular products at Kratom-K!

When you buy Kratom from Kratom-K, you can expect the following:

  • 100% authentic, pure Kratom
  • Kratom obtained directly from the region of its origin
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