Yellow Vein Kratom

yellow vein kratom

One of the most mysterious colors when it comes to buying Kratom is Yellow vein Kratom. Known as one of the rarest Kratom colors, this particular variety of Kratom for sale isn’t seen often in the Kratom world. In fact, many Kratom buyers even doubt its existence entirely!

However, a large portion of the Kratom community will tell you that not only does Yellow vein Kratom exist but it’s also one of the most popular Kratom colors available! So, which of these groups is making false claims? Does Yellow vein Kratom even exist? Let’s find out!

Kratom’s Mysterious Origin

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Great mysteries are always intriguing! Everyone wants to solve them and the same is the case with Kratom. Over the past few decades, it has become highly demanded in the US with over 10 million people demanding Kratom for sale regularly.

However, few of these buyers are aware of Kratom’s mysterious origin. Contrary to popular belief, Kratom didn’t come into existence in 1836. It has existed for much longer! However, the western world first came across it in 1836 hence the confusion. That being said, the Kratom herb comes from the Mitragyna speciosa trees found in Southeast Asia. These regions provide diverse growing conditions which lead to the growth of a variety of Kratom strains.

The interesting bit is that the leaves of each Kratom tree change color as they grow mature and later in the processing phase! These colors can be seen in the veins of the leaves. One of these colors is Yellow vein Kratom.

The Available Colors in the Kratom World

As you now know, the Kratom leaves can provide different colors. Each of these colors provides different alkaloid profiles because of diverse growing conditions and changes in the processing phase. The available varieties in these colors are:

Green Vein Kratom:

First, we have one of the three primary Kratom colors: Green vein Kratom. This is the first color that the Kratom leaves develop and is also very popular amongst both new and experienced Kratom buyers.

It offers a lower percentage of alkaloids compared to its counterparts and many consider this its unique selling point! The low concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine provided in this color are just what some Kratom buyers are looking for.

White Vein Kratom:

After the Green vein Kratom color, the Kratom leaves develop a milky white color. This is known as white vein Kratom and is considered by many the best color because of its balanced alkaloid profile.

This color is known to provide a balanced concentration of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This offers buyers a variety like no other! Just like the other colors, white Vein Kratom is available in many Kratom strains.

Red Vein Kratom:

The final primary Kratom color in this cycle is known as Red Vein Kratom. It’s known to be the final color to develop in the primary Kratom color cycle and it provides the highest concentration of Kratom alkaloids.

If you read reviews on Red vein Kratom, you will find that it’s perhaps the most popular primary Kratom color.

Yellow Vein Kratom:

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Now then, let’s talk about Yellow vein Kratom. As mentioned before, Kratom colors can also be obtained in the processing phase. The primary colors are obtained in the harvesting phase however, Yellow vein Kratom does not fall in this category.

It is obtained in the processing phase and it goes through a unique process (that we will discuss below). As it famously provides a unique alkaloid profile, Yellow vein Kratom has won the hearts of many in the Kratom community.

How to Obtain Yellow Vein Kratom

Now that you know all about Yellow vein Kratom, let’s talk about how to obtain it. Here are some famous methods:

  • Blend the Red, White, and Green Kratom colors. This creates Yellow vein Kratom.
  • Pick the Kratom leaves at a very late stage of growth when a yellowish hue is visible. Those are Yellow Kratom leaves.
  • The most popular method is the sun-drying method. Yellow vein Kratom is obtained through a different drying technique and is basically White vein Kratom that is made into Yellow vein Kratom.

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