Yellow Vietnam Kratom: The Rare Kratom Strain

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In this post, we shall talk about a relatively popular and rare mitragyna speciosa subspecies, Yellow Vietnam Kratom. Read on.

Yellow Vietnam Kratomyellow vietnam kratom for sale

The yellow Vietnam kratom is not as common as Bali Kratom, Maeng Da, or Indo. In fact, it’s one of the rarer strains on the market. It belongs to the family of Vietnam Kratom, a subspecies that grows in the dense forest of Vietnam.

Over the years, Vietnam Kratom has slowly gained popularity. The reason why it made slow progress is continuous oppression, Kratom bans, and restrictions imposed by the country.

Despite all that, the Kratom strain made its way into the western culture and is now considered to be the luxurious strain. Therefore, you cannot find it in all local stores.

The Rarity of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Apart from government sanctions and bans, there is one major reason why Yellow Vietnam Kratom is not as common as others. That’s due to the Kratom color.

You may have noticed Kratom products labeled with colors. ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ Kratom are very common, while ‘White’ Kratom is relatively rare. But when we see Yellow vein Kratom, it’s not as common as these three.

Here’s the reason: Yellow is not the natural Kratom color. It’s pretty similar to other leaves that go through the color-change process after being plucked and left in the sub to turn into golden or yellow.

Yellow Vietnam is a combination of yellow and golden; hence, very nutritious and high on mitragynine alkaloids. When Kratom leaves soak in the sun, their impurities evaporate with the water content. On the other hand, it improves the concentration of alkaloids.

The chemistry of Kratom involves probably the highest number of alkaloids. The two, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are the leading alkaloids. In Yellow Vietnam Kratom, their concentration is perceived to be the highest amongst Kratom strains.

Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Meant for You?yellow vietnam kratom

More than a dozen Kratom strains are available in the market. And according to scientists, the alkaloid profile and activity in Kratom strains tend to vary. This means every strain has something new to offer, making Yellow Vietnam Kratom a ‘hot commodity to buy.

But the problem is, it is not as common as other strains. That said, devoted enthusiasts will continue to buy it no matter what.

It depends on your choices. For beginners, this strain may offer a decent start. But again, you need to decide after checking the alkaloid profile of Yellow Vietnam Kratom.

How Much to Pay for Yellow Vietnam Kratom

As mentioned before, many people consider it a luxurious item, but it’s not all true. Prices vary depending upon the brand you buy.

High-end brands source their raw material and leaves from select Kratom farms; hence charge high prices. In comparison, low-end or emerging brands tend to charge less. In short, you have to be selective in choosing the place that offers Yellow Vietnam Kratom. And it also depends on your budget.

Final Words

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the sought-after but rare Kratom strains. It comes from Vietnam’s dense forest, boosting a mix of red, green, and white Kratom strains. It also goes through additional processes to become what it is.

Because of the rarity, Yellow Vietnam Kratom doesn’t feature across all the Kratom stores in the US. Most low-end stores don’t have it, or if they claim to sell it, it must be checked for authenticity first. Other colors of Vietnam Kratom, however, are quite common, and you can find them in all local and online stores.

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