Types of Kratom

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With more than five million Kratom buyers in the US, there is no doubt that Kratom is getting famous. Kratom is a unique botanical herb due to different variations and types of Kratom – one of the reasons for its popularity.

Kratom is a herb, like many others. However, Kratom’s unique contents, like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, make it prominent among all other herbs. On top of that, even when Kratom trees grow only in Southeast Asia, there is a diversity among Kratom based on the area or country of origin.

This is why Kratom’s different types are available in the market, mainly known as Kratom strains.

However, you can define its types in different ways. For example, there are various types when it comes to strains, but the same is true for Kratom vein colors, as they are also available in different types.

Next, there are also different product types available, as different forms of final products. So in this article, we explore different Kratom types in terms of strains, colors, and product forms. Keep reading!

Types of Kratom Strains

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Let’s start with strains, as this is the first option you have to decide when you go out to buy Kratom related products. So what are the different Kratom strains, and most importantly, what makes these strains so different from each other?

In this section, we will explore all the answers related to Kratom strains.

So how many different types of Kratom strains are out there? Well, there is no definite answer as you can find both natural and blends of Kratom strains in the market. With new ones still being found, the definite answer is difficult.

However, there are around two dozens naturally occurring Kratom strains. Next question, what is naturally occurring Kratom strains?

To understand different Kratom strains, you first need to understand the core ingredients, like Mitragynine, that makes Kratom unique. With a slight variation in growing conditions, like temperature, exposure to the sun, nutrient quantity in the soil, each plant can have different concentrations of Mitragynine. Similarly,  with variation in growing conditions, there is also a variation in the balance between core alkaloids and flavonoids.

Simply put, the ratio of Mitragynine and other ingredients affects Kratom’s characteristics, making it a different strain. This is why, in most cases, the name of the strain is based on the location where it grows — for example, Borneo Kratom, Indonesian Kratom, Malay Kratom, Thai Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom.

You can also check a complete range of Kratom strains, including some high-end blends, on Kratom-K.

Types of Kratom Colors

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Once you have decided about the strain you want to buy, you have to decide about the leaf vein color you want next. Kratom leaves or strains are normally divided into three primary natural vein colors like green, white, and yellow.

So what are Kratom vein colors? Vein colors represent the maturity of the leaves, which is identified by the color of the primary vein in the leaf.

For example, how do you know if the leaf is young or old? By its vein color. If the vein color is green, it is still young, if white, it is getting old, and if red, it is the oldest and pumped with ingredients.

With each vein color, the concentration of alkaloids like Mitragynine also changes. Naturally, green vein strains have a lower concentration of Mitragynine, while the red vein kratom has the highest ratio.

You can also learn about the Red Vein Kratom in one of our previous in-depth blog posts.

Kratom Productskratom products buy kratom

The next thing you need to decide before buying Kratom is the type of product as Kratom is available in different forms. For example, some of the commonly available types of Kratom are Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, extracts, etc.

On top of these popular forms, Kratom is also available in liquid form. However, when it comes to the most commonly available and popular variants of Kratom, Kratom powder and capsules are way ahead of other options.

Final Words

We hope now you’ve all the details about what different types and variants of Kratom are and what are the popular available options. From Kratom strains to vein colors, as well as different Katom products, the herb offers you amazing options to select.

However, we recommended you to study different options, and do some research to find the perfect fit. To learn more about different types and other related topics, you can always follow our Kratom blog that is updated by regular posts.

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