American Kratom Association

american kratom association

If you are living in the US and learning about Kratom, the chances are you have already read the name AKA somewhere. If you are someone who is wondering what AKA is, it is an NGO or organization called American Kratom Association.

Simply put, for the past several years, there exists a lot of friction between federal agencies like DEA / FDA and the kratom supporters. The FDA and DEA have repeatedly made efforts to declare Kratom illegal however overwhelming support from the public has so far kept the natural herb legal at the federal level.

So who is leading the Kratom enthusiasts along with Kratom vendors against the government agencies? Well, NGOs like the American Kratom Association. AKA is the leading and largest association working to save Kratom consumer rights along with businesses connected to the Kratom trade.

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What is American Kratom Association? aka American Kratom Association

American Kratom Association is an NGO that called itself a consumer advocacy organization to protect buyers’ rights. The head office of the organization is based in Haymarket, VA, with smaller offices in almost all states in the US.

The chairman of the board of directors is Matt Solomon, a veteran politician, currently serving as Vice President of Government Affairs at Arizona State University. It was, in fact, his efforts on the AKA platform that forced DEA to withdraw their claim to list Kratom among Schedule I substances.

Other important board members include Chris Bake and Peter Candland.

Even though Kratom is banned in six states in the United States, American Kratom Association is putting efforts to help pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KPCA) in several other states.

By 2020, there are now 25 states that have passed the act. American Kratom Association also held regular meetings with state government officials to help with legislation related to Kratom.

The Role of American Kratom Associationamerican association of Kratom logo

If you are new to Kratom, you must be wondering, why do we need associations or NGOs like the American Kratom Association? Well, the answer is to defend the interests of Kratom enthusiasts and vendors in an ongoing legal war with the government.

There is a history behind the legal ambiguity surrounding Kratom. Even when Kratom is a cousin of coffee, as both belong to the same Rubiaceae family of plants, Kratom is a unique herb. This is mostly because of the key ingredient in Kratom leaf, Mitragynine, which is why the Kratom tree is scientifically called Mitragyna Speciosa.

FDA and DEA question the effects of Mitragynine, which is why the herb is illegal to sell in six states in the US. Similarly, 18 countries have also declared Kratom not clear for sale or purchase. However, there are legal battles going on in almost every country, as there is still no scientific evidence against Kratom.

For example, there is a bill placed for debate in Thailand’s parliament in a bid to legalize Kratom, which is currently banned.

American Kratom Association plays the same role in the United States, and to some extent, globally. The association provides legal support to victims, defends Kratom consumers and vendors, and provides assistance to state governments and Congress to help them understand Kratom and science behind its ingredients.

On top of that, American Kratom Association also offers a Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program, also known as GMP, for Kratom vendors. This not only helps buyers identify the best products available in the market but also helps vendors keep consistency when it comes to Kratom strains.

GMP certification helps you buy Kratom that is verified for quality, like Kratom powders and Kratom capsules.

How to Contact American Kratom Association?

AKA wants you to share your experiences and seek help in case of an issue, for which you can use phone, mail, or email. If you want to use a phone, you can call on 703-608-4649, or you can send an email to

aka American association of Kratom

If you want to send a mail, here is their mailing address:

5501 Merchants View Sq #202, Haymarket, VA 20169

Final Words

When there is an ongoing campaign by the government against Kratom, American Kratom Association is a symbol of resistance. American Kratom Association is the leading NGO in the United States, with thousands of members all over the world.

You can also learn more about Kratom and other legal matters on their blog, or our own kratom blog. In addition, AKA also hosts a forum on their website that you can join to discuss Kratom related issues with other enthusiasts.

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