OPMS Kratom Gold: Best Buy or Not?

OPMS Kratom Gold

We know you’re looking for the best Kratom strains on the market. But what we want you to know is you’re just a step away from buying some. At Kratom-K, you can find high-quality Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, even liquid Kratom. We offer lab-tested products and hence, complete satisfaction. Above all, we offer low prices on all Kratom products.

That said, people have unique choices – some go for quality while others prefer branded Kratom. Talking about branded Kratom, have you heard of OPMS Kratom Gold? If you’re an old Kratom buyer, you must be familiar with it. If you’re not or haven’t bought OPMS Gold Kratom before, this post is for you.

Read on!

What is OPMS Gold Kratom?OPMS Gold Kratom for sale

OPMS Gold Kratom is a successful product of one of the top-notch Kratom brands, OPMS Kratom. OPMS is an abbreviation for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, and the company has been true to its name. Whether it’s OPMS Kratom Gold or other products, the Kratom brand stands out among the crowd with its standard-setting practices.

In 2010, OPMS Kratom began their operations. The Kratom manufacturer focused on experimenting and trying out new techniques of Kratom extraction, and it did succeed. Today, OPMS Kratom has been utilizing Cold Water Kratom Extraction, a high-end process that renders pure Kratom.

The extraction process promises to deliver the highest yield of alkaloids, meaning the Kratom leaves don’t lose alkaloids as the extraction only targets impurities and contamination. Are you connecting the dots?

All this means that the OPMS Kratom delivers the highest number of alkaloids. Let’s quickly analyze the entire thing.

OPMS Kratom Manufacturing Processbuy OPMS Kratom for sale

All Kratom products of OPMS Kratom go through multiple stages. First and foremost, they source Kratom leaves from trusted and verified Kratom harvesters and suppliers.

Next, when the batch lands in the US, it is sent to third-party labs, where they ensure the quality of these batches. After making sure these batches meet their standards, OPMS Kratom sends them to the cold-water extraction for further process. Here, they have deployed various quality checkpoints to make sure the final product meets their standards.

Finally, the OPMS Kratom Gold capsules or powder go through packaging. The Kratom manufacturer takes every step to ensure their Kratom products remain safe from being copied. In the past, OPMS Kratom has been through a period where scammers sold fake Kratom capsules in their name.

Therefore, the manufacturer opted for foolproof packaging (discussed later in this post).

The OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules

While the company hasn’t mentioned anywhere about the Kratom strains to manufacture the OPMS Gold Kratom, most people believe it’s Gold Kratom.

Yes, gold Kratom has become part of the Kratom colors, although it’s the Kratom’s original color. The Kratom vein turns golden when the harvested leaves are left under the sun for an extended period.

However, it’s no more than a myth as OPMS Kratom hasn’t declared anything but claim to offer the purest Kratom. How pure?

The company claims to offer 75% alkaloid concentration, thanks to its 100% organic Kratom extraction process, rigorous batch-testing by ISO-approved labs, and foolproof packaging.

OPMS Gold Kratom is available in capsule form in three sizes:

  • 5-count packaging
  • 3-count packaging
  • 2-count packaging

The blister card packaging makes these capsules absolutely travel-friendly. You can see a proper label stating the manufacturer’s logo, dosage, and other instructions.

Other Products by OPMS Kratom

While OPMS Gold Kratom is a popular product by the Kratom brand, it’s not the only one they take pride in. They have some of the most featured products on the market, such as:

  • OPMS Kratom Liquid
  • OPMS Kratom Silver
  • OPMS Kratom Kava

What’s So Good About OPMS Kratom Packaging?

OPMS Kratom capsules used to come in a capsule bag, which is pretty easy to maneuver. But in 2014, things changed. The company received complaints about low-quality. Upon error-tracking, it concluded it should change the packaging.

In 2017, the blister-card packaging was introduced, which obviously has some indications to help buyers determine real vs. fake. And the capsule count remains as it is – no changes made.

Is OPMS Gold Kratom Worth Buying?

buy OPMS Gold Kratom

Out and out answer would be “Yes, no second thoughts”; however, one might want to rethink given the price of these products. OPMS Kratom does deliver what it claims, but if you’re tight on budget, we have an alternative.

Kratom-K offers many different Kratom strains that are available in all Kratom colors. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of Kratom powders and capsules. We also offer bulk Kratom with maximum saving opportunities. Moreover, we also have a Kratom blog to help you learn more about Kratom.