Gaia Kratom Review

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Started off as Gaia Kratom, this company later branded itself to Gaia Ethnobotanical. However, just recently, it renamed itself MitraGaia. However, this change is quite recent and hence, many people are not aware of this fact.

Since most people recognize this company as Gaia Kratom, we will refer to it as the same to avoid any confusion. Though, the new name ‘MitraGaia’ is quite interesting as it literally means ‘mother earth’.

So, if you are looking for a nice place to buy kratom bulk, Gaia Kratom is quite suitable. However, does this store really sell the best kratom?

In this article, we will discuss everything that you should know about this Kratom vendor.

What is Gaia Kratom?gaia kratom for sale

Gaia Kratom is a kratom vendor with headquarters in Las Vegas, from where it sells a decent range of kratom capsules and powder. It is quite interesting though, that this company was only formed in 2015 yet it has already changed its name twice.

However, we are not concerned about its name here. For most kratom buyers, the quality of kratom and the service only matters.

So, let us take a close look at the features of this kratom vendor.

Features of Gaia Kratom Storebuy kratom online

Gaia Kratom was established in 2015. Hence, you might think that this company does not have enough experience. This might be true in terms of years; however, the company has already become established in the world of Kratom.

Gaia Kratom has the following features:

GMP Facility

The very first thing that you should know is that the Gaia Kratom follows all GMPs (good manufacturing practices). This is a standard for ISO 22000 in production.

Hence, you can say that this kratom vendor follows all law compliances

Diverse Products

Yet another interesting fact about the Gaia Kratom store is that it sells a big range of kratom strains. These include Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Asia Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Batak Kratom, Brunei Kratom, Horn Kratom, JongKong Kratom, Indo Kratom, Kali Kratom, and a lot more.

Their Green Malay Kratom in specific is quite popular. Overall, the Gaia Kratom store is highly popular for its comprehensive range of strains. And we believe that this is the only reason why this brand has a dedicated buyer base already within 5 years of its service.

Good Prices

Another thing that may attract buyers to the Gaia Kratom store is their good pricing. In general, this store sells kratom at a 10% cheaper price in every purchase. While this may not be a lot for may buyers, it is still a decent difference.

Though, ultimately, buyers should focus more on the overall value that they are receiving from their purchase. For the best kratom capsules, you may want to look at some alternate options that specifically focus on quality. Among stores in the US, ‘Kratom-K’ is an option that you might want to check for that.

What Do the Customers Say?where to get kratom

Interestingly, Kratom buyers seem to have mixed reviews about the Gaia Kratom store. While some buyers think that the prices make the products worth it, others believe that the store could do much better with higher quality.

Based on reviews that we have read on Reddit Kratom pages, long-time kratom enthusiasts often suggest that the store is still new and needs more experience. However, the main reason why this store has a good buyer base is that it sells some relatively rare strains that you cannot find in other stores.

But for as long as you are looking to buy kratom of the highest quality, consider alternate options. To learn more about it, keep reading.

The Best Alternate Option

In the US, there is no store other than ‘Kratom-K’ that sells the highest end kratom products at a very decent price.

Here at ‘kratom-K’, our experts put great attention to every little detail.

Starting right from the harvesting until the packaging, kratom experts at our farms in Southeast Asia oversee the entire process. This allows for great quality control and freshness.

We sell a wide range of classic kratom strains, with very attractive kratom wholesale deals on all our kratom for sale. But that is not all.

We also regularly spread awareness about this herb through our kratom blog, where we post informative guides and articles. Yet another convenient thing about our store is our intuitive website.

All that you must do is to open our website, choose your preferred product, and check-out. Right after order confirmation within 24 hours, you receive the best kratom products via a lightning-fast delivery.

gaia kratom review