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Gaia Kratom, now known as MitraGaia is among the most popular kratom brands in the US. This store operates from Las Vegas and sources its kratom capsules and powder directly from Southeast Asia.

This brand started in 2015, which means that it is around for almost 5 years now. Any kratom brand that survives 5 years without failing is certainly doing something right. Today, Gaia Kratom has a very consistent customer base due to its good affordability and decent quality.

It specializes in the following kratom strains:

  • Bali Gold Kratom
  • Green Batak Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Gold Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Horn Kratom
  • White Kali Kratom
  • Yellow Malay Kratom

Along with that, some of the less common kratom varieties in their range include Ganesh MD, Elephant Kratom, Green Batak Kratom, and Red Asia Kratom. However, it does not sell newer varieties such as Canopy Kratom.

Considering that, their variety seems decent enough. However, you can find an even larger range at stores such as Kratom-K. As for their prices, Gaia Kratom starts its prices from $5 per 1 oz kratom powder. This goes up to 1 KG of packs that cost $120. These prices may be subject to changes from time to time.

Now, let us discuss what people say about this kratom brand. First, the Facebook page of this brand has a rating of 4.6 at the time of this writing. So, it looks like most customers are happy with their service and prices.

Another noteworthy thing about this brand is that they test each of their products for quality before finalizing the batch. Indeed, lab testing is incredibly important.

To learn more about Gaia Kratom, feel free to refer to our kratom blog.

Kratom-K is another brand that deals with wholesale/bulk kratom. Here, all our kratom for sale comes from only the best facilities in Southeast Asia. That is why our store, Kratom-K now has unparalleled support in the kratom community.

Hence, we encourage every kratom brand to deal with the most reliable facilities. This way, great standards in quality can be set. So, are you ready to finally buy kratom? Visit our kratom store and place your orders today!

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