Elephant Kratom: Facts and Buying Tips

elephant kratom

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This post is no different because it talks about a unique strain called Elephant Kratom. We’re sure the name will surprise you. If that’s the case, let’s find out:

  • Why is it called Elephant Kratom?
  • Where does it grow?
  • Is it easily available in the market?
  • Where to find Elephant Kratom, and other related stuff.

Read on!

What is Elephant Kratom?buy elephant kratom

Elephant Kratom is an odd-looking mitragyna speciosa subspecies found in the deep rainforests of Southeast Asia. Kratom strains often get their name because of their origin, location, and chemical properties, but the name, Elephant Kratom, doesn’t reflect any such thing. So, what actually does the name refer to?

Most of you, by now, must have got the clue; we refer to something huge by the term ‘elephant’. So that must have been the case with Elephant Kratom. It must have come from a giant Kratom tree, or probably the size of the Kratom leaves is way bigger than those of other Kratom types.

Partly right; elephant Kratom comes from the old Kratom trees. Also, the leaves are slightly bigger in size. However, that isn’t why the strain got the name, Elephant Kratom.

Elephant Kratom Features

Unlike other Kratom strains, the leaves of the Elephant Kratom tree resemble the elephant’s ears – similar in shape and have that floppiness as well. Elephant Kratom leaves have a bright, shiny surface. Now, let’s talk about what makes it so special.

Elephant Kratom comes from the deep jungles of Sumatra, a place known for its rich wildlife and is home to thousands of different species – and Kratom is one of them. There are different kinds of strains found in Sumatra. They come under the umbrella term, ‘Sumatra Kratom’.

However, the abundance, shape, size, and noteworthy alkaloid profile of the Elephant Kratom leaves demanded a unique identity of the strain. The Kratom strain belongs to the elite category of strains, featuring higher than normal alkaloid concentration.

That’s due to the volume of the Kratom leaves giving sufficient space for different kinds of nutrients, specially mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to settle in.

The Kratom Manufacturing Process

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Elephant Kratom is found in Hulu Kapuas, JongKong and Ketapang. What makes them gain more nutrients than other strains is their natural habitat and feasible climate – mild hot with sufficient precipitation round the year, keeping the soil moist. Moreover, the heat also keeps them from pesticides.

  • Harvesting

The harvesting phase is the same as other Kratom leaves – the hand-picking also ensures the healthiest and juiciest yield. Manual plucking also ensures that the leaves maintain consistency in terms of appearance and feel.

  • Drying

After harvesting, the Kratom leaves are left in spacious indoor facilities. The leaves lay flat on the floor with their surfaces covered by a cloth to keep from dust and other impurities. The cloth sheets also ensure that the moisture evaporates leaving behind the alkaloids in a higher concentration.

  • Grinding

Then, comes the grinding phase. Elephant Kratom leaves go through thrashing and grinding machines to transform into powder. In most cases, it’s the Kratom powder that’s been exported to the west, which is sold directly to customers or in the form of Elephant Kratom capsules.

  • Other Kratom Extraction Processes

Some Kratom manufacturers further process the Kratom leaves or powder to extract liquid Kratom, also called enhanced Kratom. Most of the time, the Kratom extraction process requires oil or alcohol to soak the leaves. Some manufacturers boil the leaves to make concentrated liquid and tinctures.

Where to Buy Elephant Kratom

Elephant Kratom comes in green, white, and red vein colors. However, it is not as common as other Kratom strains. You may have to conduct more research. We’d recommend searching for Elephant Kratom on the web because online vendors tend to keep their stocks full, unlike physical stores.

Make sure the vendor is reliable and complies with GMP standards. Also, the Kratom batches should be lab-tested for quality and consistency.

Final Words

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We hope you’ve learned a lot about elephant Kratom. The information should help you pinpoint the right vendor and sell high-quality strains at a reasonable price.

If you’ve got other preferences, you may check our fresh strains at Kratom-K. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee!