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The varieties in the Kratom world are endless and the best part is that these varieties keep increasing! One of these varieties that has graced the Kratom world with its presence lately is Elephant Kratom.

Known to be one of the countless Kratom strains obtained from the Kratom trees, this Kratom variety offers an alkaloid profile like no other. For those of you wondering, Elephant Kratom is obtained from a few Indonesian regions such as Jong Kong, Hulu Kapuas, and Keta Pang.

All authentic Kratom varieties are obtained from Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia; however, thanks to differences in growing conditions, these regions provide different Kratom strains. The growing conditions available in Jong Kong, Hulu Kapuas, and Keta Pang lead to the growth of high-quality Kratom for sale.

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Elephant Kratom: Facts and Buying Tips

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