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In this post, we are going to talk about an interesting mitragyna speciosa subspecies known as Vietnam Kratom strain. This Kratom strain is not new for the natives, but not too many Kratom enthusiasts in the west know about it.

So, if you’re a beginner or want to switch to a different strain, this post will be more than helpful.

Kratom Strains

Did you know? We still don’t have a fair idea about the actual number of Kratom strains found in Southeast Asia. But the good thing is, there are more than two dozen strains available in the U.S. Kratom industry. Each of these strains offers a unique set of nutrient characteristics and a different concentration level of mitragynine alkaloids. 

Interestingly, Kratom grows only in Southeast Asia, yet dozens of Kratom strains speak for its diverse nature. In fact, this diversity gave rise to the need for segregation, now called ‘strains’.

Today, you can choose from the following popular Kratom strains:

vietnam kratom strain

     Borneo Kratom

     Sumatra Kratom

     Malay Kratom

     Bali Kratom

     Indo Kratom

     Maeng Da Kratom

     Thai Kratom

     Vietnam Kratom Strain

     Horned Kratom

     Hulu Kapuas Kratom, and more.

Why Are Kratom Strains Different?

As said, the chemical composition of each strain is different. Apart from the alkaloid concentration, the growth location also matters. The climate, soil, water, and minerals play a vital role in determining how nutri