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Today, the topic of our discussion is going to be UEI Kratom. Many in the Kratom world think that UEI Kratom is a Kratom brand however, that’s not the case. This is actually the name of one of the rarest Kratom varieties available in the market! How is this Kratom variety made? Where does it come from? Are there different varieties available in it? Learn all that and more in this comprehensive guide on UEI Kratom!

Some Basics about Kratom

UEI kratom

If you want to truly understand UEI Kratom, you have to first know some Kratom basics. Kratom is the name given to a botanical that is obtained from the Southeast Asian regions of the world. These regions include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on.

This botanical herb is obtained from the ‘Mitragyna speciosa’ trees, popularly known as Kratom trees, found in these regions. The leaves of these trees are extracted to obtain the Kratom herb and different regions provide unique varieties of Kratom. The Kratom provided by trees in different regions varies in quality thanks to different alkaloid profiles. The Kratom leaf is known to contain up to 40 different alkaloids, the two most prominent ones being Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Furthermore, the veins of these Kratom leaves change color as the leaf grows mature. Each color is known to provide different concentrations of alkaloids.

UEI Kratom: What Is It?

Let’s get to the point then. What is UEI Kratom? First of all, you should know that UEI Kratom stands for Ultra-Enhanced Indonesian Kratom. This is a special variety offered in the Indonesian Kratom section and it is known to be one of the rarest Kratom strains available.

Many in the Kratom world are confused about how Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom is made in the first place. What makes it different from normal Indonesian Kratom? It all comes down to the process through which this Kratom strain is obtained!

Ultra-Enhanced Indonesian Kratom is made by boiling down the Kratom into a resin (as is done with Kratom extracts). However, additional alkaloids are added to this resin to create Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom. Up to 1500mg of additional alkaloids are added per every 25g of Kratom powder.

Where Does UEI Kratom Come From?

UEI kratom review

Like all other varieties of Indo Kratom, Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom is obtained from the Kratom trees growing in the hot and humid forests of Indonesia. These Kratom trees grow the famous Indo Kratom leaves and these leaves contain a unique concentration of alkaloids.

The farmers in Indonesia have been harvesting these Indonesian Kratom trees for centuries now and today, they are some of the leading experts on Kratom! Hence, they have experimented a lot with Indo Kratom and their experiments have led to the creation of one of the finest Kratom strains available – UEI Kratom.

The Different Varieties of UEI Kratom

Wondering what varieties you can find when searching for Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom for sale? Luckily for Kr