Why is Red Horn Kratom So Unique?

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Our Kratom blog always helps customers and researchers with fantastic information about the herb. Plus, every time you visit the blog, you’ll get news and updates about the Kratom industry. With Red Horn Kratom making positive vibes, you may want to know a few things about it before you decide to purchase it.

What is Red Horn Kratomred horn kratom

Let’s dissect the name first. Here’s what Kratom Erowid has to say about the Kratom strain.

Horn Kratom

Horn Kratom is found in Borneo Island that hosts a wide range of Kratom strains. Borneo is a big island occupied by Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunie. Hence, the Kratom grown in different parts of the island has different names.

However, Horn Kratom stands out because of its shape and structure. This has to be because of the place where it grows. Horn Kratom grows in the part of Borneo Island owned by Thailand. And the red horn Kratom is arguably the best, tieing with the famous Borneo Kratom.

Did you know that Horn Kratom continuously features as being the Maeng Da Kratom too? That’s due to the old Kratom trees found in the region: the older, the more nutritious.

You’d surely know that Maeng Da is a collection of the highest quality Kratom regardless of the subspecies, so some Horn Kratom trees consistently feature in this group as well.

You can distinguish the Horn Kratom leaf by the spiked edges. While most Kratom leaves have plain edges, these horn-like spikes couples with dark red veins make Red Horn Kratom stands out from the competition.

Red Kratomred horn kratom capsules

Red Horn Kratom is Red Vein Kratom derived from the popular Horn Kratom. If you didn’t know it, a Kratom leaf goes through three growth stages. In the early stage, the vein is green in color, a sign of pure alkaloids, although less in number.

Then, the vein turns white, which is a sign of an intermediary stage. The leaf accumulated more alkaloids, and the concentration has improved. When the Kratom leaf reaches maturity, it’s veins turn red.

This red vein is a sign that the alkaloids have reached saturation, but it also indicates the presence of impurities and flavonoids. However, Red Horn Kratom offers the highest amount of nutrients than other Horn Kratom colors.

Red Horn Kratom Availability

The leaves and their structure make it clear that Horn Kratom requires specific temperature, humidity, water, and, more importantly, soil content. This is why the Kratom strain is grown in a limited amount.

Since Red-veined horn Kratom is more popular, you don’t usually find Green or White horn Kratom anywhere. In fact, this subspecies always fall short of meeting the demands as it requires some time to reach maturity and get harvested.

The red horn Kratom is a rarity in local stores, but you can find its different forms online.

Red Horn Kratom Forms

The Kratom strain is available in the form of Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, and liquid Kratom. However, capsules and powdered form have a higher demand. They cost less, too.

This rarity, coupled with high demands, makes red horn Kratom a relatively expensive commodity. However, the difference in price is just about $5, which can be reduced if you opted to buy in bulk.

The powdered form is available at $32.95 (56 grams), while Red Horn Capsules can be bought at $21.95 (56 capsules). Liquid Kratom is available at variable prices.


Here’s a quick roundup of everything you have learned so far.

  • Red Horn Kratom is a relatively new Kratom subspecies on the market as compared to Bali or Indo Kratom.
  • It belongs to the family of Borneo Kratom, grown in Borneo, Thailand.
  • The Horn Kratom leaves have small horn-like pointers along the edges.
  • The shape of the Horn Kratom leaf helps collect a high number of alkaloids and reduces nutrients loss.
  • Red Horn Kratom is quite popular among Kratom enthusiasts.
  • Online vendors offer the best prices, and you can buy in large quantities as well.

Conclusionred horn kratom for sale

Are you looking for the best red horn Kratom? It is pretty similar to Borneo Kratom in nature. In fact, many vendors sell Horn Kratom as Borneo Kratom. Red Horn Kratom stands out because of the nutrient value and the number of alkaloids.

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