Is Red Dragon Kratom Real or Fake?

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Kratom K is destined to provide you valuable information. Our Kratom blog offers the latest information about the Kratom industry, and this post is just an example of what we claim. In this post, we are going to talk about a relatively new strain called Red Dragon Kratom.

So, for all the Kratom enthusiasts looking for first-hand information, here’s what you should know about Red Dragon Kratom.

What is Red Dragon Kratom?dragon kratom

Red Dragon Kratom may be new, but it seems to be getting quite a fame. Therefore, the Kratom strain is pricier than other strains in the market. Many Kratom vendors call it a scam, for some reasons, but is it really a scam?

According to our research, we have found enough evidence that Red Dragon Kratom does exist. However, it may have been due to its popularity that some Kratom vendors are claiming it’s not a real strain.

Here’s what we have found:

Versatile Kratom

Many people say Red Dragon Kratom is a versatile strain. And it’s a traditional Kratom strain, but a new one. People buy Kratom for different reasons, but surprisingly, no matter what the purpose, Red Dragon Kratom seems to fulfill them, hence claiming to be the most versatile Kratom on the market.

Shares Properties with Red Thai Kratom

Many people believe Red Dragon Kratom is similar in properties to the Red Thai Kratom strain. Some Kratom buyers have an opinion that the Red Dragon Kratom is actually a red Thai Kratom, but its nutrient-rich content and a higher concentration of alkaloids making it a unique strain.

Therefore, to make it more prominent and appealing, the name has been changed to Red Dragon Kratom. Is it true? Is it not?

Well, we cannot say much about the origin of the Red Dragon Kratom, but its properties are quite similar to the red vein Thai Kratom. It may be a possibility that the suppliers introduced the same red Thai Kratom as altogether a different subspecies. However, here’s a catch.

Thai Kratom’s Rarity

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Did you know that the production of Thai Kratom has been decreasing? It may be due to climate changes, increased need for agricultural land, or limited water resources, but the most significant reason for this downtrend has been the anti-Kratom policies of the native government.

Thailand is not willing to promote Kratom. In fact, it is illegal to possess or sell Kratom locally. This lack of support and continuous oppression pushed many harvesters to take an alternate route. Most of them are exporting Kratom via neighboring countries, especially through Indonesian ports.

So, it could be a possibility that they gave birth to a new strain called Red Dragon Kratom whose origin has been hidden, although the properties of the strain are similar to the Red Thai Kratom.

Whatever the reason may be, Red Dragon Kratom took the world by storm. It’s a blockbuster in the western world these days.

What Makes Red Dragon Kratom So Suspicious? But It’s Not

The name itself makes this particular Kratom strain doubtful in the eyes of Kratom buyers. How come? You might want to ask.

The thing is, none of the Kratom strains we have encountered has a color incorporated with its name. That’s because, Kratom vein wears three different colors naturally – Green, White, and Red.

Take any Kratom. You will find either two or three subcategories of each. For instance, Bali Kratom is available as Red Bali, White Bali, and Green Bali, so there is no need for it to have any color associated with its parent name.

However, Red Dragon Kratom starts with a color name, which makes people question its authenticity. If you’re an avid Kratom buyer, you’ll instantly ask:

If this is Red Dragon Kratom, what about white Dragon or Green Dragon Kratom? However, the name Red Dragon Kratom tells a story.

Red Dragon is a symbol of strength. Since Red Dragon Kratom contains a high number of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids, it gets the name.

Red Dragon Kratom Product Forms

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Red Dragon Kratom is available in powdered form. You can also find Red Dragon Kratom capsules online. Many different brands have been selling these product forms online.

Final Words

Red Dragon Kratom is for real and people have been buying it. But still, if you’re not convinced, you have a lot to explore on Kratom K. We offer bulk Kratom at the most competitive rates vis-à-vis the quality.