Kratom Tea- Everything About It

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Are you a fan of herbal tea varieties? If the answer is “yes” then you must have heard about the Kratom tea! Oh, you haven’t? Worry not! As long as you have authentic Kratom powder with you, you can make a perfect cup of tea for yourself.

Despite there being numerous Kratom tea enthusiasts, there seems to be little information available online about this tea. Customers searching for this variety of Kratom for sale often ask questions such as ‘What Kratom strains can tea be made with?’ or ‘Can I prepare my Kratom tea at home?’ Yes, you can make an authentic cup of this tea at home. To know how to prepare it, keep reading this comprehensive article on Kratom tea!

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Did you know that the tea made from kratom was one of the first forms of Kratom to grace the world? This Kratom herb is famously obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees in the Southeast Asian regions.

Traditionally, the Kratom herb was extracted from these trees in the form of Kratom powder, and these Kratom powders were then made into tea. As Kratom grew in popularity in the Western world, other forms of Kratom began to be provided in the market, such as Kratom capsules and liquid Kratom extracts. However, many Kratom enthusiasts still prefer Kratom in the form of tea.


Sadly, Kratom tea isn’t readily available in the market. Customers who want to buy Kratom in the form of tea won’t be able to find it in their local Starbucks or tea cafes. And since shipping a tea is also not common, it isn’t available online either! But no worries, there is a simple solution.

Prepare your Kratom Tea At Home!make kratom's tea

Yep, you read that right! Kratom enthusiasts can easily prepare Kratom tea at home using several different methods. Some of the most popular methods to make tea at home using Kratom powders of your choice are as follows:

Teapot Method:

Anyone can make Kratom tea at home using this fairly simple teapot method! The only items you will require are a teapot, water to fill your teapot with, and empty or opened teabags. After gathering these items, place your Kratom inside the empty teabags.

Next, put water inside the kettle to boil and wait. Once it has boiled, place your Kratom-filled tea bags inside your cup and pour the hot water down onto the tea bags. Once your cup is full, you can add a lemon slice to it or some sugar. Now, wasn’t that simple?

Boiling Pot Method:

Another popular method for preparing Kratom tea at home is the boiling pot method. Kratom enthusiasts who prefer making larger batches of tea at once prefer this method as it leads to larger quantities of the tea. All you need are the following ingredients:

  • 1 liter of water (4-6 cups)
  • Medium or large pot
  • Kratom leaf or powder in your desired Kratom strain
  • Cheesecloth or mesh strainer

Once you have these ingredients, boil water slowly in your pot, add your Kratom to the pot, and simmer it for 10-20 minutes. Once the simmering process is complete, pour the remaining mixture through the strainer into a large jug or container for storage. You can add more ingredients such as maple syrup, honey, etc. to your tea.

Sun Tea Method:sun tea herbal tea

One of the most ancient methods of preparing Kratom tea is known as the sun tea method, and some locals in the Southeast Asian regions still prefer it. In this process, the following ingredients are required:

  • One gallon of water in a jug or container
  • Preferred Kratom leaf or Kratom powder
  • Teabags or tea ball

Fill your jug with room temperature water and add your Kratom leaf or Kratom powder into the tea bag or tea ball. Add these to your jug of water and place the jug in a sunny spot where it receives an ample amount of sunlight. Let the jug be exposed to sunlight for 2-5 hours before moving your jug. Add some lemon slices or sugar, and your Kratom tea is prepared!

What Kratom Strains Can Be Made Into A Tea?

Many new Kratom enthusiasts are often confused when it comes to Kratom strains. So many of them exist that customers can have a hard time picking between them! Hence, many Kratom enthusiasts wonder which Kratom strains they should buy to make their tea.

The answer is… any Kratom strain that you want! The fact of the matter is that all Kratom strains have unique properties because of differences in alkaloid composition levels. This makes each Kratom strain unique in terms of properties. That being said, there are a few popular choices of strains that customers buy for their Kratom teas:

Where to Buy Authentic Kratom From

The Kratom market today is full of thousands of vendors and millions of Kratom buyers. Due to this Kratom high demand, there are a few faulty Kratom vendors that have popped up and are exploiting customers by providing low-quality Kratom for sale!

So, customers have to be careful to only buy Kratom from reliable vendors such as us at Kratom-K. The Kratom we provide is of top quality as it is sourced directly from the expert farmers in the Southeast Asian region. Furthermore, our customers will find that they have an extensive variety of Kratom products to choose from in a range of Kratom colors! You can’t go wrong when you choose Kratom-K as your vendor.

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