What is the Kratom Legal Status at Present?

latest kratom legal status

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But before you visit any local or online store, you need to know the Kratom legal status:

  • Is Kratom legal in your municipality, city, or state?
  • Has your country or state legalized Kratom?
  • Is Kratom a free commodity in your area or regulated by the authorities?

In this post, we shall discuss the current legal status of Kratom in different parts of the world.

Kratom’s Legal Status

kratom's legal status

What is the legal status of Kratom in the US? This has been one of the top questions Kratom buyers often ask. This question has become significant as we see more and more Kratom companies emerging in the US market. Not only in the United States, but Kratom is also quite popular in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

On our Kratom blog, we have covered a lot of topics related to Kratom. You can find a lot of information related to Kratom’s legal status in different parts of the world.

Did you know, Indonesia supplies 95% of the world’s Kratom? But more surprisingly, US importers lead in the Kratom market, buying the highest number of lots. This goes to show why there has been so much hype about this herb, and why we are seeing so many vendors.

But, you might wonder:

  • Why Kratom legality is an issue?
  • What is the legal status of Kratom in the United States, of late?

Keep reading this article on Kratom’s legal status to find out!

Controversial Legal Status of Kratom

Kratom legal status is a debate that never seems to end, and it may not end. However, not too many people understand the actual controversy behind it. Allow us to explain it.

Kratom is a herb, called mitragyna speciosa, found abundantly in the dense forests of Southeast Asia. The herb Kratom is known to have several characteristics that many of the supplement manufacturers found challenging to compete with. This, in turn, pushed these corporations to collaborate and stand against Kratom’s widespread popularity, hence the controversial Kratom legality.

Another reason for the Kratom’s status is the presence of the alkaloids – mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are present naturally in a Kratom leaf, and their concentration is quite high, compared to synthetic supplements.

Kratom’s Legality in the US

legal status of Kratom in usa

Kratom has seen serious oppressions, resulting in Kratom bans in many states, back in 2017. However, the retaliation from Kratom supporters pushed the authorities to lift the ban.

Organizations like American Kratom Association, have played a significant role in educating people about this herb and remove doubts in the mind of people who believe Kratom is a drug.

In the United States, Kratom is legal federally, but states have the right to decide. This simply means you can export Kratom from Southeast Asia without any legal restrictions. But when it comes to selling or possessing the herb, you should know the legal status of Kratom in your state.

Where Kratom is Banned in the US

There are only six US states where buying, selling, and possessing Kratom in any form is considered illegal. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Vermont. Moreover, the regulations may be different in some states.

For example,

  • In states like New Hampshire, Kratom is legal for 18-year-old adults, while in some states the age limit is 21 years.
  • In some states where Kratom is legal, there are places where it is still banned. You cannot buy or sell Kratom in San Diego, but it is legal in other places of California.

Kratom’s Legal Status in Europe

These are the European countries where Kratom is illegal:

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • France
  • Croatia
  • United Kingdom

Countries where it is legal include:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Ukraine

In the following countries, the Kratom legal status is unclear.

  • Sweden
  • Serbia
  • Portugal
  • Albania
  • Kosovo
  • Iceland
  • Bosnia

Final Words

kratom legality 2021

Europe and the United States are the two major importers of Kratom. So it is important for the customers to know Kratom’s legal status in these regions to buy Kratom safely.

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