How Long Does Kratom Last Once Purchased

how long does kratom last

Today, Kratom needs no introduction. With millions of followers all around the globe, this all-natural herb has taken the world by storm! Despite this immense fan following, countless Kratom buyers are stumped when asked, ‘How long does Kratom last once purchased?’

You see, Kratom is best when it’s fresh. As a result, customers have to be careful always to buy Kratom that is fresh. Otherwise, they will get stuck with low-quality Kratom. So, what factors affect the freshness of Kratom products? What can Kratom enthusiasts do to make their Kratom products stay fresh for a longer time? Keep reading this detailed article on ‘How long does Kratom remain fresh once purchased?’ to find out!

Why Kratom Needs To Stay Fresh

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Before we get started on the topic, let’s talk about why Kratom needs to stay fresh in the first place! What many people don’t know is that Kratom contains up to 25 to 40 active alkaloids that are responsible for giving Kratom all of its properties!

The key alkaloids in this process are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Over time, these alkaloids begin to deteriorate and lose their charm and quality. This results in low-quality Kratom products. That’s why customers should always check for indications that the Kratom for sale being provided is fresh before they buy it!

What Affects Your Kratom’s Freshness?how long does kratom last in me

Several factors are known to affect the freshness of Kratom products. The main factors that you should watch out for are:

Exposure to Sunlight:

Sunlight is one of the key factors that contribute to the deterioration of Kratom products. While sunlight is great for the human body (in adequate amounts), such is not the case with Kratom.

If you are worried about ‘How long does Kratom remain fresh once purchased?’, place your Kratom in a dark, cool place. Make sure the area is airtight and dry as that will help your Kratom powders or Kratom capsules stay fresh for a longer time.

Exposure to Oxygen/Air:

Not keeping your Kratom in an airtight container or packet will also lead to your Kratom deteriorating in quality. Exposure to too much oxygen leads to the Kratom powder becoming stale due to over-oxidation. Avoid this by using airtight containers!

Bad Packaging:

Kratom products need to have good packaging! If the packaging is bad, it is a clear indication that the Kratom in question is not high-quality. Bad packaging leads to the Kratom being exposed to air, sunlight, and other contaminants.

Too Much Heat or Moisture:

Always avoid placing your Kratom in an area where there is too much heat and moisture! While the Kratom tree thrives under such conditions, the same cannot be said about Kratom products. Heat and moisture damage the properties of the Kratom once it’s in its final form.

How Can You Make Your Kratom Last Longer?how long does kratom remain in my body

Luckily for Kratom enthusiasts, some sure-fire ways can help you keep your Kratom fresh for longer. Follow these steps, and you’ll have no need to worry about ‘How long does Kratom remain fresh once purchased?’ Keep in mind that these rules apply to all Kratom strains!

Keep Away From Light:

First things first, always keep your Kratom products away from the light! Sunlight and artificial light are known to deteriorate the quality of Kratom, so it is best not to take your Kratom out of the container until you plan on doing something with it.

Air-Tight Container:

Storing your Kratom in an airtight container will help those who are looking for answers to ‘How long does Kratom remain fresh once purchased?’ By doing this, you are making sure that you protect your Kratom from the air and moisture. This results in your Kratom staying fresh for a longer time.

Keep Away From High Temperature:

Experts who first answered the question of ‘How long does Kratom remain fresh once purchased’ pointed out that the key to fresh Kratom is to keep it away from high temperatures! This means that you should always store your Kratom in a cool, dry place. Doing so will mean that what you will possess will be a high-quality Kratom!

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