Best Way to Take Kratom

best way to take kratom powder safely

So, have bought some kratom capsules from ‘kratom-k’, and now you are wondering about the best way to take kratom while travelling. Well, you have come to the right place! In this post, we will teach you all about travelling with kratom.

When it comes to travelling with kratom, there are certain things that you need to consider. Firstly, you must check the legal status of kratom in your state, and in the state where you are travelling.

If you are travelling abroad, then check its legality in the country or specific city in which you are going to land.

Provide that kratom is legal where you are headed, you can then start exploring the best way to carry kratom while travelling. And that is what we will help you out within this article.

So, let us get started.

Best Way to Take Kratom While Travelling best way to carry kratom safely

Well, the biggest challenge that kratom buyers face when travelling is that of storage. Storing kratom properly for hours is not a straightforward task. For instance, you cannot just put powder of different kratom strains inside a plastic container and pack in your bag.

You must make sure that the kratom powder is not exposed to a high temperature or light. Both these factors will considerably lower its alkaloid profile, causing the quality to go down.

It also depends on the quality of your kratom powder. Typically, higher quality products tend to stay fresh for a longer period. So, for as long as you buy kratom from high-end stores like ‘Kratom-k’, you are good to go.

Now, let us get to the best way to carry kratom while travelling. For that, consider the following ideas:

Use Air-tight Container

You see, it is extremely important for you to keep your kratom capsules and powder in an air-tight environment. This is because kratom powder quickly absorbs moisture from the air, which lowers its quality.

So, if you are travelling to an area that has a high humidity level, then your kratom power will not stay fresh for longer.

To retain its freshness, make use of air-tight bags so that air from outside cannot enter and affect the components inside.

Packing Your Bag

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When you are packing your bags, avoid placing the kratom jar or container along the sides of your suitcase. Sometimes during handling at the airport, glass jars end up cracking. If that happens, all your kratom powder will go to waste.

Similarly, if you place your kratom container along the sides of your luggage, the chances of it getting exposed to higher temperature increases. Since the temperature has a direct impact on the quality of kratom powder, shield it properly.

Learn the Pronunciation

So, imagine that you are flying to a state where kratom strains are legal. However, when you arrive there, somebody at the airport stops you for a routine check. Regardless of the legality, some airport staff might inquire what you are carrying in there.

For situations like these, it is important for you to be able to explain yourself. So, do not forget to learn how to pronounce kratom. In such cases, you should communicate it all very clearly so that there are no misunderstandings.

Along with that, you should always stay updated with the kratom laws. For that, you should actively read about all legal developments from highly reliable places such as the American Kratom Association Blog.

For news related to legality, our kratom blog could also be very helpful.

Use Black Tincture Bottles

If you have some liquid kratom, then pour it inside black tincture bottles. For liquid extracts, this is the best way to carry kratom while travelling.

You can get tincture bottles from any specialty store that sells kratom accessories. Alternatively, other herb shops may also sell these bottles.

Do Not Travel to a State Where Kratom is Not Legal

Lastly, to avoid getting into trouble with the law, do not take kratom while travelling to a state where kratom is not legal. As a responsible citizen, we urge you to always stay within the confines of the law.


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When you order kratom before travelling, make sure that you have read all the local laws. After that, simply head to a decent online store that has kratom for sale, such as ‘Kratom-k’.

All in all, the only best way to take kratom while travelling is to first consider all the above-mentioned factors. Once you have checked them all, then ask yourself if it is appropriate to travel with kratom or not.