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For the past two decades or so, there is an increased awareness in the public to shift back to more natural and herbal products instead of buying synthetic and artificial ones. The same holds good for the botanical herbs. As the people in the US shift their focus more on natural products, one of the results has been increased attention that Kratom has been getting since its introduction in the US. This phenomenon of buying Kratom online and retail shops have taken over the US herbal market by a storm. As per an estimate by the American Kratom Association (AKA) in 2016, there are now over five million kratom buyers in the US.

The kratom is a natural herb obtained from a tropical tree called Mitragyna Speciosa (more popularly: kratom tree) found in Southeast Asian regions. It is popular for its characteristic properties that result from the presence of alkaloids in the molecular structure of the leaves of the kratom tree. It is these alkaloids, that the kratom enthusiasts are most concerned about. Their different concentrations and variations within the different strains are the primary determining reason why the kratom connoisseurs buy kratom. However, some kratom enthusiasts buy their kratom from the retail stores while others prefer to buy it online.

In this blog, we will look at the reasons which of these methods, either buying online or from the retail stores, is better. But before we go over to that, it is pertinent to understand what are the traits that make a kratom product good or bad.

What Are the Qualities of Good Kratom?

Whether you buy it online or from a local headshop, you must always consider the following points to determine the quality of the product. When you see any kratom for sale, inquire about these traits:


The purity of kratom is very important in determining its quality. A pure product is obtained from pure kratom strain (not mixed with other strains)


Your kratom is considered to be authentic if the kratom strain you buy comes from the native place that has the quintessential soil composition, climate, and harvesting techniques used to manufacture it. Sadly, many kratom strains have been taken to other regions where they are grown outside of their unique external environment. The experience of such kratom products is never 100% authentic. For you to have the most authentic kratom experience, your kratom products must be pure and also come from their native geographical locations. In addition to the retail stores, as the public spending patterns change with technology, more and more kratom enthusiasts are buying their herb online because of the quality and authenticity that they offer.


The importance of freshness in determining the quality of kratom cannot be understated. It is extremely important to ensure excellent packaging of the kratom powder while transporting it so that it doesn’t absorb or lose the moisture in it. Moreover, the kratom powder cannot be left exposed to air for too long or it will lose its characteristic properties.  If you are buying online, be sure to ask your kratom vendor to ensure good packaging of the product so that it retains its freshness.

Alkaloid Concentration

The presence of alkaloids (just the right amount) is just as important as any other factor. It is not a question of which kratom strain has the highest concentrations. All kratom buyers have their own personal preferences. Some prefer green vein kratom products (low alkaloid concentrations) and some prefer white or red vein kratom products (higher alkaloid levels). The buyers do not want to buy a certain vein color only to find out that the alkaloid concentrations in it were of some other vein color. Always be careful of this factor whether you make a purchase online or locally.

Maturity of Kratom Tree

The best kratom comes from the most mature trees. The reason is simple to understand. The mature, well-aged trees have the deepest roots that can extract all the good nutrients for their leaves. Moreover, their canopy is also higher and wider than other adjacent trees. Therefore, they are able to produce kratom leaves that are of much better quality than the rest of the trees.

Where To Buy Kratom?

Perhaps the most important question that so many kratom enthusiasts ask today is where to buy kratom? First of all, before answering this question, let us look at all the places where you can get your kratom from.

  • Buy Kratom Online
  • Buy Kratom for sale at local headshops / convenient stores / herbal shops

Why Buying Kratom Online is the Best Option?Online kratom

To buy online, be it kratom capsules of kratom powder or any other kratom product, is the best option among all other options for several reasons.

Reputation At Risk

Most of the online kratom brands rely on their reputation and customer perceptions regarding the quality of their brand. If that perception and reputation are damaged, through bad customer reviews on self-hosted or 3rd party websites, the kratom brand can lose its business pretty fast. Their success depends on the reputation that they build around their kratom products. When you buy your kratom online from a good brand, they would try their utmost to give the best, most-authentic kratom experience.

Unlike the retail stores or local headshops, the kratom brands selling online care about each of their customers as they can share their feedbacks with all future customers. That is simply not the case with the retail stores. One unsatisfied customer for them is one unhappy customer. For the online kratom brands, one unsatisfied customer means many unsure customers. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy online as the online kratom brands have much more to lose as compared to the retail shops if they make a customer unhappy.