You must be living in Kratom oblivion if you haven’t heard about the famous Thai Kratom! This particular Kratom variety is one of the oldest and most famous Kratom strains to have come into existence. Many Kratom experts even argue that Thai Kratom could be one of the first Kratom strains to have existed!

But what is Thai Kratom exactly? Where does it come from and what makes it so special? These are some of the questions popularly associated with this Kratom strain. And at Kratom-K, we make sure all our readers leave with all their questions answered!

For this purpose, we provide a Kratom blog that provides detailed information on various topics related to Kratom. Today, we’re going to provide all the available information on Thai Kratom!

Understanding Kratom Basicskratom capsules

Before we dive into specifics about Thai Kratom, let’s talk a little about what Kratom is. Kratom is a popular botanical herb that is obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees found in Southeast Asian regions. These regions include areas such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on.

The leaves of these trees are known to provide the famous Kratom herb. The interesting part is that these leaves change color over time and each color is unique in terms of its chemical composition.

Furthermore, the Kratom trees that grow in different areas of Southeast Asia provide different chemical compositions as well. This leads to the availability of different Kratom strains in the market, one of them being famous Thailand’s Kratom strain!

Thai Kratom: What Is It?

Let’s cut to the chase then. What is Thai Kratom? Simply put, it’s one of the many Kratom strains available for sale. This particular Kratom strain is obtained from Kratom seeds that are sourced from the region of Thailand and grown via old-school methods.

Many people make the mistake of assuming Thai Kratom is sourced from Thailand however, that’s not true. Thailand has banned Kratom and Kratom can’t be grown in the region hence Thailand Kratom seeds are sourced and grown in different regions of Southeast Asia using Thai methods.

What Makes Thai Kratom Special?

Two words: Alkaloid profile. The chemicals that are responsible for Kratom’s properties are popularly known as alkaloids. Since different Kratom strains go through unique growing conditions, each develops a unique alkaloid profile.

The two most important alkaloids in this equation are known as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Reports suggest that Thai Kratom has some of the highest percentages of Mitragynine available in all Kratom strains! The percentage of Mitragynine in this particular strain is 66%.

The Varieties Availablebuy thailand's kratom