OPMS Kratom Silver – Strains and Pricing

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Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, also known as OPMS Kratom is quite popular for its product lines. These include the OPMS Kratom Gold and OPMS Kratom Silver.

There is a significant difference between these product ranges. So, as somebody who wants to buy kratom, you must learn about these products and understand their properties.

However, here we discuss the OPMS Kratom Silver line and take a close look at the products offered in this range.

But before that, let us talk about the OPMS Kratom store.

OPMS Kratom Store

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Most buyers first come across OPMS Kratom when they visit a headshop near them. Typically, headshops and smoke shops are filled with their products.

Though, headshops tend to have a bad reputation in the world of kratom. This is because these smaller shops often sell lower quality products. However, OPMS Kratom is quite different from the other types of kratom for sale that you will find in a headshop.

This brand has been in the kratom industry since 2005 and operates from Los Angeles, from the head office of Choice Organics (the parent company).

Today, OPMS kratom is one of the major importers of Kratom in the US and they deliver in all the states that allow kratom distribution.

Furthermore, the company is operating since 2005. So, it comes among the pioneers of the Kratom retail market in the US. And since it is surviving for almost one and a half-decade, it must be doing things right.

OPMS Kratom Silver

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The OPMS Kratom Silver is a major product line of OPMS Kratom, which consists of three strains only. These include the following:

  • Thai Silver Kratom
  • Malay Silver Kratom
  • Maeng Da Silver Kratom

Well, you might be surprised to know that this is all that this brand offers under this product line. Indeed, it is uncommon for companies that are operating for so long to sell such a limited range of kratom strains.

In comparison, stores like Kratom-K are popular for their incredible range of high-end kratom capsules and powder. For that reason, many people consider Kratom-K as the best place to buy kratom in bulk.

Coming back to OPMS Kratom Silver, the strains in this line are available in the form of both powder and capsules. So, buyers do have some flexibility in this case, at least.

Furthermore, based on the claims by OPMS Kratom, all their kratom products undergo tests in authentic laboratories. However, further information about these tests is not provided on their website.

Buying the OPMS Kratom Silver

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Surprisingly, there is no option to buy OPMS Kratom silver directly from the vendor’s website. Rather, the only way to get their products is through a headshop or third-party kratom vendor either online or via a physical store.

In comparison, stores such as Kratom K offer more flexibility, as it allows buyers to order kratom online via their website. That is not just convenient, but also a quicker option for most buyers.

Though, not all buyers prefer to wait for the deliveries to arrive. As a backup, you can easily get the OPMS Kratom Silver from most headshops on the go.

The prices of the OMPS Kratom Silver products vary a little. These go as:

  • OPMS Kratom Silver Maeng Da Kratom starts at $6.49 and ends at $73.00
  • The OPMS Kratom silver Malay Capsules start from $6.99 and end at $77.99
  • Thai OPMS Kratom Capsules start from $5.99 and end at $67.99

While their prices are quite suitable and economical, the low range of products is a turn off for many buyers. After all, OPMS Kratom does not offer any options for kratom colors either. Apart from these fixed colors, you may not have much luck.

Final Verdict

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Overall, OPMS Kratom Silver is a well-known product range. This brand seems to have quite a nice following in the US, and hence, a very steady buyer base.

However, most of the buyers of this product line include old-time kratom enthusiasts who never explored beyond the limited range.

If you are a new kratom buyer, we highly suggest you explore different strain and color varieties before settling for any product. For that, check out our kratom blog and read the informative articles/guides on it.

Alternatively, you can also get information from other highly reliable sources such as the American Kratom Association website, especially for legal news and developments.

With that, do not forget to check out the smoking kratom deals at the Kratom-K store. Our bulk deals offer you amazing discounts that help you save a considerable amount of money.