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If you are a kratom enthusiast who is active in the kratom world, you would already know about liquid kratom. However, if you are a new kratom buyer who has not had the opportunity to explore much, you are at the place.

We are Kratom-K has taken it upon ourselves to educate the masses and to spread awareness about kratom. And that is the main purpose of this kratom blog. Here, we regularly post insightful guides about different kratom products along with kratom brand reviews.

Nevertheless, in this article, we aim to give you deep insights into Liquid Kratom. First, we cover the basic definition and then move on to the types of Liquid kratom. Ultimately, before ending this article, we give you some timeless buying advice.

So, let us get into it!

What is Liquid Kratom?

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It is a derived product that comes from plain kratom leaves or kratom powder. Though most kratom facilities make it directly from leaves to avoid the extra manufacturing costs associating with making kratom powder first.

Though, it does not make a difference whether one makes Liquid Kratom from powder or leaves. It is simply an extract of the alkaloids present in kratom.

Do note that Liquid Kratom is different from the various types of kratom tea for sale in stores.

Different Types of Liquid Kratom

Just like kratom capsules and powder, Liquid Kratom also comes in many different types. Furthermore, it may also come in different compositions, in tincture bottles of varying sizes. As in, there is no standardized composition of Liquid Kratom.

Generally, there are two main types of Liquid Kratom products. These include isolates and full-spectrum extracts. Where isolates contain any specific component of Kratom Leaves such as Mitragynine alone, full-spectrum extracts feature the entire spectrum of components.

Each of these types is further divided into two categories, namely alcohol-based extracts, and water-based extracts. You may get either of these depending on the properties that you are looking for and your preferences.

But before you buy kratom extracts or Liquid Kratom, do some research about what different types of extracts can offer you.

When it comes to Liquid Kratom, different kratom strains do not make much of a difference. This is because the concentration of the Kratom can manually be controlled during the production process.

However, the relative concentration between different components such as Mitragynine vs 7-HMG can vary depending on the strain.

The Making of Liquid Kratom

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What is Kratom Tincture & How to Make it?” – this is one question that we have seen a lot in different kratom forums and Reddit pages.

Simply put, Kratom Tincture is another name for Liquid Kratom. And in this section, we will take a deep look at the making of Liquid Kratom.

For simplicity, let us limit to water-based Liquid Kratom only. These extracts can have a high composition, and their production begins with acquiring some fresh kratom leaves.

Then, these leaves are added to a container filled with water. Sometimes, some citric acid is also dissolved for preservation. It simply gives the Liquid Kratom long-lasting freshness.

Typically, during the addition of Citric Acid, experts measure the pH of the system very closely. This pH is never let beyond 4. Finally, the mixture is vigorously shaken until all the components mix properly.

Then, experts leave the mixture in a dark room for around 2 weeks for steeping. Lastly, the mixture is strained in a container with the help of cheesecloth or similar filter.

Now, the mixture is left to evaporate until it is at half of its original volume. At this point, the Liquid Kratom is ready and experts fill it in dark tincture bottles.

Sometimes, to balance out the acidity, the experts also add some Glycerine in the end. Though, this is mostly true for those mixtures that contain citric acid as a preservative.

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