Kraken Kratom Review

kraken kratom review

As part of our mission at kratom-k, we regularly write to spread awareness about kratom. This includes sharing our knowledge and experiences regarding other famous kratom brands – such as this Kraken Kratom Review.

A famous brand that sells kratom online is Kraken Kratom. In this article, we will do a review for you and share our experience with the kratom products that they have to offer. So let’s get started with our review by looking at their range of kratom products.

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They have a nicely laid-out website that has many kratom products on it such as:

  • Kraken Kratom powder
  • Capsules by Kraken Kratom
  • Kraken Kratom extract and enhanced kratom

Kraken Kratom has quite a number of kratom strains that they offer on their website. These include:Kraken Kratom Review

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Kali(mantan) Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • Malay Kratom

Within these kratom strains, Kraken Kratom covers all the kratom vein color variants i.e red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom.

Apart from the kratom powder, capsules, and extracts – Kraken kratom also offers kava products and other useful accessories such as empty capsules, digital scales, infusers, and muslin cloth herb bags. For the regular buyers, these accessories offered by Kraken Kratom can be very convenient. But what about the quality of Kraken kratom products? Are they any good? As a part of this review, here is our verdict if their products are any good or not.

Is Kraken Kratom Legit?

Kraken Review

Kraken Kratom products have been found to be of good quality. These samples were evaluated on several key factors such as purity, freshness, quality, price, and shipping timings.

We found the Kraken Kratom products to be freshly procured. The kratom came in a packaging that was of good quality too. Our experts, after testing the Kraken powder sample, gave their verdict that their kratom was freshly obtained. Not a lot of time had elapsed between manufacturing and delivering. As a buyer, one would want one’s kratom to be as fresh as possible to have the most authentic experience possible.

To preserve the freshness of your kratom powder, you may want to read our blog that gives the best tips on how to stored kratom powder so that it stays fresh for a very long time.

As far as the purity is concerned, our expert who assisted us in this Kraken Kratom review concluded that the products were pure and without any additives. They formed their opinions based on the first-hand experience after randomly testing three of Kraken Kratom products.

The buyers always want their kratom in the purest possible form. This is important not only for the authentic kratom experience but also to make sure that no unwanted additives are present in it. Unfortunately, these days only a few good brands are offering kratom for sale that is 100% pure and authentic.

As per our experience, the overall quality of Kraken Kratom products was good. This explains why this brand has remained in the business successfully for this long. The Kraken Kratom review on public discussion forums like Reddit kratom was also mostly positive. During this review, we also came across their claim that they have acquired GMP compliant status and have been certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA). According to the company, they test all the products for quality in the laboratory. The buyers can ask for a certificate of authenticity about the Kraken Kratom products that they buy.

Does Kraken Kratom Accept Credit Cards?Kraken product Review

Kraken Kratom accepts both Visa and Mastercards as a form of making payments for their products. In addition to these credit card options, they also accept PMC Gold as a payment option from its customers.

Other payment options include Quick Ship ACH, eCheck, Bitcoin, money orders, and cashier’s check. A further discount of 10% is given for payments that are made through Bitcoin.

Does the brand Provide Free Shipping?

Yes, Kraken Kratom provides free shipping on all orders but only through USPS First Class Shipping. The first class shipping by USPS will take a minimum of 2 days and can take up to 9 days for delivery to some places in the US.

However, if the buyers want their Kraken Kratom products delivered earlier, they can opt for USPS Flat Rate (Priority Mail) @ $4.99. Or they can also choose USPS Priority Mail 2-days @ $9.60.

We always recommend our valued customers to buy kratom before their stocks end so that they can benefit from the lowest or no delivery costs. Additionally, it is always advisable to order different strains and different products at once instead of buying in multiple orders to save on the shipping charges. Here are more ways to save on kratom according to us.

Do They Offer Coupons?Discount on kraken

Kraken Kratom offers discount coupons to the customers who subscribe to their mailing list. You can subscribe by providing them your information on their promotion offers page and becoming their priority customer.

By subscribing, you will agree to receive their newsletter through which you will get weekly promos, random discount coupons, and also useful information about attractive deals on Kraken Kratom products.


We can conclude that they have good quality kratom available at a fair price. The brand has established a good rapport with its customers that indicates consistency in quality and service.

If you are looking to buy all the kratom strains and all the kratom color varieties of supreme quality, you can buy kratom of excellent quality at Kratom-K. Be sure to check out our kratom blog posts that have many informational articles for you.