Correct way to Store Kratom Capsules

White Vein Thai Kratom Capsules

There are four key factors you need to take into consideration when storing any type of Kratom:

  • Darkness – you want to make sure your Kratom is not exposed to light, because the UV rays of the sun tend to destroy it;
  • Coolness – keep your Kratom cool, this should be the rule of thumb for any Kratom owner. The more your Kratom is exposed to heat; the sooner it goes bad;
  • Dryness – moisture must be avoided at all costs, because it can lead to mould and damage the Kratom.
  • Airtightness – if your Kratom is exposed to oxygen, it will fade sooner, so make sure to keep your capsules in an airtight jar.

We know it sounds all complicated, but it all turns to routine pretty soon, believe us!

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