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When speaking of natural herbs that have taken the world by storm, Kraytum is always one of the most talked-about. Sure enough, the strain has made its way to the US; now, millions of Americans buy Kraytum every year (more than five million as per a 2015 study).

So, what is Kraytum, and why are people obsessed with it? Well, Kraytum is a plant that comes from Southeast Asia and is now sold all over the world for multiple reasons. Let’s discuss the plant in detail and talk about its different strains.

What is Kraytum?kratom for sale

Kraytum is the common name for a plant called Mitragyna speciosa, which belongs to the coffee family. It grows in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea.

The herb gets its name from the alkaloid Mitragynine, which is present in the Kraytum leaves in abundance. Depending on the age and ripeness of the leaves, the level of alkaloids can be low or high.

For centuries, local farmers have grown Kraytum for themselves. Today, they grow it for export around the world. Thanks to Kraytum farming, many farmers in Southeast Asia have found a consistent livelihood. Also, Kraytum export has brought monetary value to these countries.

How is Kraytum Classified?purchase kraytum

Despite being natural, the Kraytum tree is not as simple as some other plants. The plant has distinct properties that make it a subject of admiration for farmers and researchers alike. Right now, Kraytum is classified based on its colors and strains.


Widely speaking, there are three Kraytum colors: green, white, and red. Some Kraytum vendors also sell gold or yellow Kraytum, which is an intermediate color.

Do differently-colored leaves grow on different trees? No. In fact, the leaves on one tree change three colors depending on their life stage.

When Kraytum plants are young, their leaves have green veins. Farmers harvest these young leaves and send them for processing. As a result, we get green vein Kraytum.

In the middle stage of their lifespan, Kraytum leaves’ veins turn white, yielding white vein Kraytum. Towards the maturest part of their lives, Kraytum leaves’ veins turn red.

In this stage, farmers need to be careful with harvesting as the plant must have reached its full maturity for the resulting powder to be significantly concentrated with alkaloids. These leaves are used to make red vein Kraytum.

Colors don’t merely signify the plant aging. They also indicate the level of alkaloids in the leaves. Green veins show that the Kraytum plant has a lower concentration of alkaloids. As the plant grows, the alkaloids increase and impart a red color to the veins.


Along with colors, the Kraytum plant is also categorized on the basis of strains. However, this does not have much to do with the plant’s inherent properties. Instead, the Kraytum strains get their name from the origin country or the leaves’ shape.

For Instance, Kraytum growing in Borneo is called Borneo Kraytum, while the strains from Malaysia are called Malay Kraytum.

Types of Kraytumget kratom for sale

If you’ve only ever heard of Kraytum being used for making tea, you might think that the plant is solely available in powder form. However, that’s not true. Along with Kraytum powder, you can also buy Liquid Kraytum and Kraytum capsules.

All these types of Kraytum have different benefits. For example, Kraytum capsules are easy to carry around. When you’re storing Kraytum powder, you have to be careful not to spill it. Also, the container must be airtight. Otherwise, the contaminants may affect the powder’s quality.

In contrast, capsules come in shell packaging. So, you can store them anywhere – even in your wallet or the glove compartment of your car.

Likewise, Kraytum is also easily portable. That’s why modern enthusiasts are buying different forms of Kraytum rather than sticking to Kraytum powder.

Where to Get Kraytum?buy creatum online

Back in the day when Kraytum was relatively new in the US, it was hard to find or buy the herb. Today, you can get Kraytum from your nearest headshop or smoke shop.

However, if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can purchase Kraytum online. Some reliable sellers include Kwik Kraytum and Coastline Kraytum.

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Final Words

By now, you should have learned a lot about Kraytum and where you can buy it. Since Kraytum vendors are emerging here and there every day to keep up with the herb’s rising demand, it’s a bit hard to determine who to trust.

However, with some research and online digging, you’ll find your go-to vendor soon enough. You can also find resourceful content on our Kraytum blog.


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