7-Hydroxymitragynine – A Detailed Guide


You must be wondering, why are we writing about this complex chemical formula on a blog related to Kratom and stuff? We are going to discuss 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloid because it is the second most important ingredient in Kratom.

Kratom Tree is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, mostly because of the two key ingredients with similar names, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Even though the core alkaloid, Mitragynine, is still the most dominant ingredient in the Kratom leaf, 7-Hydroxymitragynine is also important because of its characteristic properties.

Understanding the Chemical Structure of Kratom Leaf7-OH kratom leaf

To understand the key chemical ingredients in Kratom, you first have to better understand the Kratom tree – especially its leaf. Kratom trees almost exclusively grow in nutrient-rich soil of Southeast Asian rainforests. This region constitutes about 15% of the global rain forests.

The Kratom comes from only the leaves that are picked, dried, and crushed to create different products like Kratom powders, Kratom liquid extract, or Kratom capsules.

Let’s move onto the actual composition of Kratom leaves and key ingredients that drive the characteristic features of it. To start with, a Kratom leaf contains up to 30 different alkaloids and flavonoids. However, the ratio among all these is not static, as it changes with each strain and vein color.

Next, Kratom leaf contains several active alkaloids, which are primary contributors that drive Kratom herb features and characteristics. Out of this, the most prominent and dominant is Mitragynine.

In most cases, which means in most common Kratom strains, Mitragynine makes 1% to 2% of the dry leaf mass. In terms of total ingredient ratio, it makes more than 65%, especially in the red vein Kratom leaves.

After Mitragynine, the next dominant alkaloid is 7-Hydroxymitragynine, also known as 7-OH. Not dwelling into too much chemistry, in layman language, 7-OH is a variation of Mitragynine but available in a much lower ratio. In most cases, the concentration is typically around or less than 0.05% of the total mass of dried leaves. Despite its lower quantities, it is much more prolific as compared to Mitragynine.

This is not it. Kratom leaves also come with a lot more alkaloids and other ingredients, but these are available in even lower ratios. Some of these include Paynantheine, Speciociliatine, and Speciogynine.

What are Alkaloids?7-Hydroxymitragynine

Both of the primary Kratom ingredients, Mitragynine and 7-OH, are alkaloids – but what are alkaloids? In simple words, again avoiding too much chemistry, alkaloids are one of the naturally occurring active compounds in nature.

Alkaloids are chemicals that also occur naturally in the plants, like in the case of 7-OH and Kratom. Belonging to the same family of alkaloids, 7-Hydroxymitragynine is an indole alkaloid and is also known as 7α-Hydroxy-7H-mitragynine, 9-Methoxycorynantheidine, and hydroxyindolenine. The chemical formula for this alkaloid is C23H30N2O5, and the molar mass is 414.502 g·mol−1 (if that interests you).

7-Hydroxymitragynine and its Role in Kratomkratom online

As mentioned, 7-OH is the key part of the Kratom herb and makes the second most dominant ingredient. This is why the concentration of 7-OH plays a key role in defining the characteristics of Kratom.

When you want to buy Kratom, the first thing you look into is the Kratom strain. Second, you have to choose between the different vein colors. This is because each Kratom strain and vein color exhibits different characteristics.

As any Kratom enthusiast would know, if you are buying Red vein Kratom, it will be significantly different from Green vein Kratom. So what drives the change in characteristics, you may wonder?

The answer is the concentration and ratio of alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. As 7-OH is ten times more prolific than Mitragynine, even a slight change in concentration makes a Kratom product different from the other.

So, where to buy authentic Kratom for sale in the US? Even when you can find some Kratom at local stores or head shops, online stores like Kratom K are still the best choice for a variety of Kratom strains and product options. You can get a wide variety of Kratom products of your choice while spending considerably less as compared to buying from other sources.

Final Words

We hope that now you know everything that needs to be known about 7-Hydroxymitragynine and its role in the chemical composition of Kratom. In simple words, it is the second most important key alkaloid in Kratom out of up to 30 others.

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