Riau Kratom comes from the Riau province of Indonesia. This eastern coastal belt of Riau province faces the Malacca Straits and that is where this kratom strain comes from. Near this coastal belt, the lush green fields and the kratom farms are scenically located along with the palm oil plantations. Wild Elephants and Sumatra Tigers roam these rainforests that are home to thousands of animals and plant species. One of them being Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as kratom tree. The subspecies of the kratom tree that is most abundantly found in the Riau region is the source of all Riau products. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced kratom buyer, you are sure to appreciate the quality of our Riau kratom capsules and powder.

The journey of manufacturing Riau kratom starts from the harvesting of kratom leaves. After harvesting, the skillful farmers and workers separate the substandard Riau kratom leaves from the best ones. Thereafter they are taken to be dried under the scorching tropical sun. The periodic exposure to the heat evaporates whatever water content remains in the leaves. These dried kratom leaves are then crushed using traditional and modern methods. This elaborate procedure is easier said than done, as on each stage, intricate knowledge and skills are required to execute the drill perfectly.

The Riau Kratom for sale we have for our valued customers comes in three vein colors. Red vein Riau kratom, White vein Riau kratom, and Green vein Riau kratom.

If you want to buy kratom strain such as Riau, keep in mind that this kratom strain is not common and our stocks don’t last long! Get yourself Riau products before we run out of them. Any Riau kratom product is a good kratom product!

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