Red Veined Malay Kratom PowderWhat makes the kratom all the more interesting is the fact that it comes in so many varieties and variations. For example, you can about kratom strains for hours. Their origins, history, properties, alkaloid make up. Then come the forms in which the kratom is manufactured. You have the basic form that is powder. Kratom capsules are also very famous with the kratom enthusiasts besides liquid kratom and extracts. Last but not the least, all these kratom products come in different color varieties. The Red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and Green vein kratom strains are the main categories when kratom connoisseurs want to differentiate kratom based on their alkaloid profiles. But what is meant by these kratom colors such as red vein kratom? Does it mean the color of the kratom powder? Certainly not.

The vein colors actually correspond to the color of the central vein that runs through the kratom leaf of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees. When the leaves are young and still hungry for nutritions from the soil, the color of the vein is more greenish. As the leaves mature over time, their central veins become more of a shade of white. The Red vein kratom is the one with the highest alkaloid concentrations. No wonder the red vein kratom is always high in demand around the year because of its impressive alkaloid structure.

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