When it comes to the Kratom extracts and liquid kratom, not all products are the same. For your better understanding, the kratom contains numerous naturally occurring compounds besides alkaloids and flavonoids. These compounds are present in varying proportions in the different kratom strains and kratom vein colors. A full spectrum extract means that a complete set of compounds are extracted to manufacture a full spectrum kratom extract. However, Full Spectrum Isolate Extract means that except the characteristic alkaloids and flavonoids, all other naturally occurring compounds are removed from the extract to manufacture an extract that only has the alkaloids that are the main concern of the kratom enthusiasts.

Full Spectrum Extract is only mildly refined, which renders most of the other compounds active and intact in the extract. This full spectrum extraction technique is actually the whole-plant extraction technique that allows the final product to have traces of all the active compounds that occur naturally in that particular kratom strain. Unlike Full Spectrum Isolate Extract, the Full Spectrum Extract typically utilizes a solvent to extract those compounds and then uses the rapid-cooling method to extract the concentrated remains.

On the other hand, the Full Spectrum Isolate Extract is the purest form of extract. When the full spectrum extract has been obtained, the Full Spectrum Isolate Extract is obtained through further refinement to remove other active compounds from the kratom product.

There are many methods that are used to obtain Full Spectrum Isolate Extract. However, the most efficient one is fractional distillation. This method utilizes heat to isolate the extract from other compounds differentiating between the boiling points of both. What is left behind is the purest form of extract that is called Full Spectrum Isolate Extract.

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