Bali Kratom strain is, without a shred of doubt, a famous kratom strain among the kratom enthusiasts. But what if we were to tell you that there is a variation of Bali kratom that is even better than it in terms of the quality and quantity of the alkaloids? Yes, there is such a thing and it is called Bali Supreme Kratom. It is called supreme because it is strictly sourced from the oldest, most mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees that there are. But you must be wondering how does it matter! Old or not, a kratom tree is a kratom tree. Well, let us tell you in a little bit more detail.

All kratom products, including Bali Kratom, are all about the quality and quantity of alkaloids in the leaves that were used to manufacture them. Moreover, the age of the tree has a direct effect on the alkaloid concentrations of the leaves. The leaves of mature trees are healthier, larger, and overall better as compared to those of the younger trees. It is only natural that the leaves obtained from the more mature trees are high in demand all year round. But as is often the case, the demand exceeds the supply. Such aged kratom trees are limited in number while the younger trees are more commonly found. The kratom that is obtained from the leaves of these mature Bali kratom trees is called Bali Supreme Kratom.

The difference is evident from the feedback and reviews we regularly get from our valued customers who regularly buy kratom from us. While we consider our Bali Kratom products to be of excellent quality, the Bali Supreme kratom is a notch above!

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