The only trick to buy Kratom worth your money is finding the right vendor – after that, everything else falls into place perfectly. At Kratom-K, we’re passionate about Kratom and only want our customers to get the best. Whether it’s the plain old Maeng Da or Riau Kratom, we never compromise on quality.

Our commitment to providing the best quality is to the point that we hand-pick suppliers from Southeast Asia. All our products come from the finest Kratom growers around the world. A little extra effort doesn’t bother us much as long as our thousands of customers are happy.

When speaking of regional Kratom varieties, Riau Kratom stands out as a recent favorite. However, most enthusiasts don’t know much about it. Let’s talk about the strain in detail.

What is Riau Kratom?

A province in Indonesia, Riau is known for its islands. The Riau Islands are close to Sumatra – another popular place for Kratom growth. Since most Kratom strains are named after their source regions, you can put two and two together to deduce that Riau Kratom comes from the Riau Islands.

Riau has a very rich history since it has been inhabited since 10,000 BC. Thus, it’s an old region that has many traditions. One of them is growing Kratom.

Although history doesn’t exactly show which passers-by brought the herb to the region, one thing is obvious: the people of Riau don’t let go of their roots easily.

They still grow Kratom today. However, it’s more for the trade than personal reasons. Like most other parts of Southeast Asia, Riau also makes a fortune from Kratom sales.

Conditions for Riau Kratom

As you learn more about the province, you might wonder: why does Kratom grow there? What’s so special about the region’s climate? Well, Riau has the perfect humidity levels for Kratom growth.

On average, the region only gets rainfall for about 160 days. For the rest of the year, the humidity level may be up to 75%. The Kratom tree loves this climate since it needs high humidity to grow.

How is Riau Kratom Made?

Originally, Kratom is not in the form that you buy it from the stores in. It’s basically just a bunch of leaves that are further processed to make Kratom powder, Liquid Kratom, and Kratom capsules.

Firstly, the skillful local farmers harvest the Kratom leaves. They do so during different life stages of the plant because Kratom veins change color. Moreover, the plant’s alkaloid concentration also differs from one life stage to another.

  • Younger leaves have green veins, and they make green vein Kratom. The developing vein color indicates a low alkaloid content. Thus, this Kratom is most suitable for beginners.
  • In the intermediate life stage, the vein color changes to white. During this time, farmers harvest the leaves that are later used for making white vein Kratom.
  • When the plant reaches peak maturity, the leaves yield red vein Kratom. As the name indicates, the leaves’ veins are red during this part of the plant’s life.

After harvesting the leaves, the farmers keep them under the scorching Riau sun. The high humidity coupled with bright sunlight helps remove excess moisture from the leaves.

Then, they send the leaves to industrial crushers. Typically, larger plantations work with industries to crush Kratom leaves. In contrast, smaller farms use traditional crushing methods.

The easy-sounding method requires impeccable skill and expertise at every step. That’s why Riau Kratom is slightly pricier than your regular Kratom strains.

Where to Buy Riau Kratom?

Before you look for the best place to buy Riau Kratom, you must know the forms in which you can buy this strain. Normally, you can buy three Kratom colors for most Kratom strains. Today, you may even find a fourth color – yellow vein – for some varieties.

However, since Riau Kratom is a rare strain, you’ll only find it in the three main colors: green, white, and red. Red vein Riau Kratom capsules are a favorite among Kratom veterans. As an enthusiast, if you want to buy something different from your regular order, go for these capsules.

Now, let’s talk about the right place to get Riau Kratom. Obviously, you’ll find it in online shops, like all other Kratom strains. However, you won’t see this particular strain everywhere since not all stores stock it.

As the strain is rare, you’ll only find it in stores that specialize in a comprehensive variety of Kratom products. At Kratom-K, we stock Riau Kratom that comes from the finest plantations on the Riau Islands.

Riau Kratom at Local Stores

It’s nearly impossible to find Riau Kratom at local Kratom vendors unless a shop stocks branded products. Some reputed brands such as Kratom K and Kraken Kratom may distribute this strain to local head shops.

Even then, you have to be a bit careful. Rare strains are always at risk of being tampered with to meet customer demands. Before buying branded products, make sure you read about that particular strain on the company’s website.

For example, OPMS Kratom capsules have the company’s logo on them that’s visible under blue light. Thus, you can easily spot fake capsules.

Finally, your best bet is to buy Riau Kratom from Kratom-K, where we provide the highest quality at affordable prices. Place your order on any day of the week to get free shipping and a money-back guarantee on all purchases.

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