Most Kratom buyers make the mistake of assuming that Maeng Da Kratom is an official independent strain of Kratom sourced from the Maeng Da Kratom trees. However, that’s not the case as ‘Maeng Da’ is the name given to any Kratom strain that is sourced from the oldest and most mature Kratom trees. Today, we’re going to be discussing one superior form of Maeng Da – Maeng Da Supreme Kratom.

The name itself suggests that it’s a superior form of Maeng Da Kratom, a claim supported by numerous positive customer reviews on various Kratom forums. So, what exactly is Maeng Da Supreme Kratom, and how is it different from your everyday Maeng Da Kratom?

Simply put, Maeng Da Supreme Kratom is sourced from the oldest, most mature Kratom trees that grow in the most fertile regions of Southeast Asia, ensuring this Kratom strain to have a unique set of properties, unlike the normal Maeng Da Kratom.

he Maeng Da Supreme Kratom that we provide comes from only a few selected farms in certain Southeast Asia regions, ensuring that this Kratom strain will always be high-quality.

Most Kratom strains are named after the region of their origin, but what about Maeng Da Supreme Kratom? Well, there’s no region called Maeng Da, so it’s certainly not named after any region. So what does Maeng Da stand for? In Thailand’s local language, ‘Maeng Da’ refers to ‘Pimp Grade’ or something of ultimate-quality. Adding the ‘Supreme’ to Maeng Da is an indication that this Kratom strain is sourced from selected high-quality farms that grow some of the best Mitragyna speciosa trees in the Southeast Asian region.

The high-quality of this Maeng Da Supreme Kratom is a result of the unique