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Kratom Strains We Carry Online

We pride ourselves on a personal commitment to getting you the best product we can get our hands-on. We send qualified staff to where our finest growers and suppliers can be found to personally ensure quality supplies, carefully selected for you. Buy from us and learn what tens of thousands of customers have already gotten to know.

As the current top US Kratom importer, we offer a wide variety of products for you to peruse. You can choose from regional varieties below or use the categories menu on the left to go directly to your favorite product line. We guarantee only the greatest quality, hand-selected from the finest growers on the planet. We personally ensure that we have active staff in each region, forming long-lasting relationships to ensure quality for you. If you choose any of our strains, we offer both encapsulated and powder forms.

These varieties are collected and sourced from a few selected kratom farms located in different  Southeast Asian regions. Despite the fact that the thousands of big and small islands of the region have Mitragyna Speciosa trees growing abundantly throughout the yea, interestingly, the best kratom and its strains come not from the trees growing wildly in the forest. The best kratom comes from the private farms and small private forests having tens to sometimes hundreds of kratom trees, not more than that. However, the commitment, dedication, and expertise of these farmers is unmatched.

When you buy kratom at Kratom-K, it comes in all the possible color and vein varieties. Let’s talk about the color first.

There are primarily three color varieties that occur naturally in all kratom strains. These are:

As the cycle of the kratom leaves progresses from start to their end, the alkaloid presence within them does not remain constant. It is this the alkaloid concentrations within the leaves that change the vein of central kratom leaf. The Green vein kratom has the least amount of alkaloids within them. As the leaves mature, they appear to be having a whitish central vein running through their center. This is indicative of the fact that the alkaloid presence can be judged by looking at the color of their vein.

The Red vein Kratom products are sourced from those kratom leaves that are the most mature and nearing the end of their lifecycle. It is these leaves that are the most highly sought after. This high demand is not because its quality is any better than other color varieties, but instead, it is only high because of the superior alkaloid makeup it has as compared to the white and green vein kratom.

Here is our blog about Red Vein Kratom if you want to read more about it in detail.

When it comes to the origins of the kratom strains that we have: our inventory is quite diverse. You will find all the famous kratom varieties such as Bali kratom, Indo kratom, Malay kratom, Borneo kratom, and Maeng Da kratom.

Besides these ones, we have others too that are not easily available anywhere such as Bentuangie kratom, Horned kratom, Hulu Kapuas kratom, Riau kratom, and Thai kratom.

Being the largest importer of Kratom in the US, it is our mission to cleans the US kratom market from the counterfeit, substandard, or even bad quality kratom products. The kratom strains that we offer you are of excellent quality and sourced from the best-graded kratom trees in the region.

All these kratom varieties, when with us here in the US, are handled and processed in a state-of-the-art GMP compliant facility. Making sure that the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability are maintained, our kratom for sale is high in demand for a reason.

Do not overthink! Buy your favorite kratom strains from us and receive your shipment within the shortest possible time. Buying has never been easier. Select the product and its quantity, fill your cart to checkout in the end. Select a payment method and voila! Your order will be on its way within 24 hours..

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At Kratom-K, we strive to provide all the possible strains in the variety of colors available. Whether you want to buy Maeng Da, Indo, or Bali strains, we have got these available! Best of all, we’ve got them in all the Red, green, and white colors!

Whether you are an experienced kratom buyer or a newbie who has just ventured into the world of kratom, at Kratom-K we have got all the best types of kratom for sale. So feel free to browse our online kratom store, and when you decide to buy kratom for you, do it with all the confidence in the world that you are buying the best, most authentic powders and capsules at the best possible price!

If you haven’t already, register for our newsletters and receive periodic coupons for optimal savings! The newsletter form can be found at the bottom of the page, and we highly recommend it! This way, we support each other with the best possible pricing and reminders.

Last but not least, we provide all the products at wholesale pricing when buying in bulk! Have a look at our wholesale page for details and how to get in touch with us to make a purchase. There is a minimum order requirement, but it is low enough to be accessible by most wholesale sellers!