Kratom Colors

Colors, in our life, play the role of enhancing the beauty that exists around us. If it weren’t for these colors, we would all be trapped within a dull black and white world. These colors make our life more meaningful, and they have the same effect on Kratom! Customers who search for Kratom for sale will find a variety of Kratom colors available to choose from.

But before we talk about different Kratom colors, let’s give you a brief introduction to ‘What is Kratom?’ As most of you know, Kratom is the name given to the famous all-natural botanical that has earned itself a distinguished reputation all across the world. This Kratom herb is obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees that are grown in the Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on.

These Southeast Asian regions provide hot and humid growing conditions for the Mitragyna speciosa trees and help them produce some of the finest quality Kratom in different Kratom colors. Most people don’t know this, but all of Kratom’s key ingredients and multiple colors are found in the Mitragyna speciosa trees’ leaves! These leaves contain up to 40 different alkaloids that are responsible for all of Kratom’s properties and the key alkaloids are known as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The Kratom color can be identified by looking at the veins of the Kratom leaves. Upon investigation, it was found that the veins of the Kratom leaf can offer three different colors and each color provides unique properties! The 3 primary Kratom colors are as follows:

The Green Vein Kratom varieties are sourced from the Kratom leaves that have Green veins and this color is the first color the leaves develop. Hence, the Green Vein Kratom varieties provide the lowest concentrations of alkaloids. However, many Kratom enthusiasts search for these low concentrations as they provide unique properties that can’t be found in other Kratom colors!

Next in line, we have the famous White Vein Kratom variety. This specific color is known to be one of the favorite colors of Kratom enthusiasts worldwide! Considered the middle child of the Kratom color family, the White Vein Kratom color matures after the Green varieties and before the Red Varieties. These White Vein Kratom varieties are known to provide perfectly balanced concentrations of alkaloids, which is the prime reason for their immense popularity.

The final and the most mature primary Kratom color is known as Red Vein Kratom. This specific color is perhaps the most demanded in the Kratom industry! The Red Vein Kratom varieties provides the highest concentrations of alkaloids as it is the most mature color. This strain offers buyers a unique and high-quality Kratom experience that the other colors do not provide. The two alkaloids with the highest concentrations of Red Vein Kratom are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Other than these 3 primary Kratom colors, there are two further Kratom colors that only a handful of Kratom connoisseurs know about! Only a few brands provide these two colors and they are known as Yellow Vein Kratom and Gold vein Kratom. While the 3 primary colors are obtained in the harvesting phase, these 2 Kratom colors are obtained in Kratom’s processing phase. The Kratom leaves go through unique processes to form these two colors, and customers love to buy them!

Once you’ve decided on which Kratom color you want to buy, you will find that they are available in a wide variety of Kratom strains and Kratom forms! As mentioned earlier, the Mitragyna speciosa trees grow all over Southeast Asia. The Kratom obtained from different areas of Southeast Asia offers unique properties because of slightly different growing conditions. As a result, customers can buy Kratom colors in a wide variety of Kratom strains!

Some of the most famous Kratom strains available on our website in different Kratom colors are:

After choosing your Kratom color and Kratom strain, it’s time to decide what type of Kratom form you want to buy them in! The thing about Kratom is that it is available in a wide variety of forms. Some are possibly centuries old while others have just entered the market 10-15 years ago! The traditional forms of Kratom are Kratom Tea and Kratom powders and at Kratom-K, we provide some of the finest quality Kratom powders in the whole industry!

The newer forms of Kratom that are available in the market are Kratom capsules and Liquid Kratom. Over the past 10-15 years, these two varieties have had a surge in demand, and today there is a Kratom high demand for them both. If you go through our website, you will find that we offer a wide variety of options in both these Kratom varieties.

Now that you know all about Kratom colors, the question you are probably asking is ‘Which Kratom color is the one for me?’ The answer to that is more complicated than many would think. There is no one clear winner when it comes to Kratom colors as all colors provide unique properties. Since all individuals in the world are also unique, there’s a high chance that the majority of people will prefer different colors.

This means that the only true way to find out which Kratom color is for you is by buying them all and seeing yourself! That being said, the Red Vein Kratom varieties on our website have the highest demand, although that could merely mean that we have more customers who prefer the Red Kratom varieties.

When you buy Kratom colors from us at Kratom-K, you can be sure of the following:

  • Authentic Kratom sourced directly from the region of its origin
  • Several quality checks to make sure all contaminants are removed
  • A wide variety of Kratom products
  • Some of the lowest prices in the market
  • Fastest shipping services – Kratom at your doorstep

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