You’ve probably heard of Bali Kratom a few times, but have you heard about the brand-new Bali Blast Kratom strain? Kratom buyers on the hunt for Kratom for sale often mistake these two Kratom strains to be the same, however, that’s not entirely true.

Bali Blast Kratom is one of the finest Kratom strains in the market and currently we, at Kratom-K, are one of the very few vendors that are offering it for sale to our customers! Just like regular Bali Kratom, Bali Blast Kratom is also obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees that are found in the Southeast Asian regions of the world. This specific Kratom strain, is sourced from the Bali region in Indonesia, which is known to provide hot and humid temperatures for the growth of perfect Kratom.

But then you must be wondering ‘What’s the difference between Bali Blast Kratom and Bali Kratom?’ Well in plain terms, Bali Blast Kratom is sourced from the best Bali Kratom trees! These specific Kratom trees grow in regions of Bali that provide the best possible growing conditions for any Kratom tree. This is because, these regions have the richest soils in terms of mineral content and this is due to many millennia of volcanic activity in this region.

The result? Some of the finest quality Kratom, that can’t be obtained from Kratom trees that grow in any other region! So, it’s not completely wrong to say that the Bali Blast is a better form of the Bali Kratom, as certain customer reviews tend to suggest on different Kratom forums.

But how did Bali Blast Kratom get this name? Well, the ‘Bali’ part of the name is obtained because Bali Kratom was traditionally exported via the Bali Port in Indonesia. The ‘Blast’ in the name comes from the fact that this specific Kratom strain, provides unique qualities that other Kratom strains simply can’t offer. This is because, the Bali Blast Kratom leaves contain a unique concentration of alkaloids, unlike any other Kratom strain.

All Kratom strains contain alkaloids, however, this superior-quality Kratom strain, provides Kratom buyers with up to 30 different alkaloids. These alkaloids are responsible for all the properties of Kratom and the two key alkaloids in this process are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Customers who buy Bali Blast Kratom, will find that these 2 alkaloids exist in high concentrations in this particular Bali Blast Kratom strain (about 10-15% more than regular Bali Kratom) and that has caused a